Saturday, August 22, 2009

Writing for Examiner

After a long hiatus, I've decided to pick up the quill and call on the muse. I've finally added the last punctuation mark for a Sun.Star Travel story (nearly a year in the making, whew!), and wrote my first story. is a one-stop site for all that's dazzlin' and happenin' locally across the States. In true Diva-wears-nada fashion, I opted to write on shopping and style trends. My job, as I'd like to believe, is to be a personal-shopper and stylist for the local fashionista.

And since school is back around here, my salvo piece is aptly on school bag shopping. My personal pick are Vera Bradley bags, not merely for its kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, but more for the practicality of its material. Made of fabric, they can easily be washed and re-used. Now that's easy maintenance!